Grants abilities to characters.

Flags are a simple way of adding/removing certain abilities to players on a per-character basis. Helix comes with a few flags by default, for example to restrict spawning of props, usage of the physgun, etc. All flags will be listed in the Flags section of the Help menu. Flags are usually used when server validation is required to allow a player to do something on their character. However, it's usually preferable to use in-character methods over flags when possible (i.e restricting the business menu to characters that have a permit item, rather than using flags to determine availability).

Flags are a single alphanumeric character that can be checked on the server. Serverside callbacks can be used to provide functionality whenever the flag is added or removed. For example:

ix.flag.Add("z", "Access to some cool stuff.", function(client, bGiven)
    print("z flag given:", bGiven)

> z flag given: true

> z flag given: false

> false

Check out Character:GiveFlags and Character:TakeFlags for additional info.


ix.flag.Add(flag, description, callback)

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Creates a flag. This should be called shared in order for the client to be aware of the flag's existence.


  • flag string

    Alphanumeric character to use for the flag

  • description string

    Description of the flag

  • callback function

    Function to call when the flag is given or taken from a player